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We are one of the leading IMDS consultants providing end to end solution on IMDS reporting,IMDS Data entry and IMDS consulting services to companies involved in supplying components to OEM’s. We also offer IMDS Turnkey services.

We make sure that we work in tandem with our client’s requirements and ensure that the job done matches the statutory specifications. We keep pace with constantly changing environmental regulations and exemptions. Our valuable IMDS consulting services help us to be known as excellent service providers. We’ve successfully completed IMDS submissions from simple to complex assemblies for more than 200 Automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

IMDS Data Entry

Our IMDS data entry services include entering material and component data into the IMDS system based onthe information provided by you. We can design a comprehensive plan to fulfill your IMDS requirement by creating the necessary IMDS data sheets and material modules within the IMDS system. Our services are customized to each client’s unique requirements. Our IMDS data entry service includes bulk data upload as well.

IMDS Turnkey Services

Our IMDS Turnkey services helps you to quickly meet all IMDS obligations in a supplier coordination team has extensive experience in executing IMDS projects which involve coordinating with suppliers for IMDS submissions and complete the

  • Our team can request IMDS submissions from the supply chain.
  • We can guide Suppliers to create accurate IMDS submissions for their products
  • We check incoming supplier IMDS data sheets for accuracy. In case if have to reject an IMDS data sheet we guide the supplier in correcting and resubmitting the IMDS data sheet.
  • Based on validation and quality checks, the final IMDS submissions are accepted.

IMDS Consulting Services

We suggest the best strategy to manage your compliance process in all matters relating to the IMDS, REACH and ROHS.We help you to fulfill all your compliance obligations in an efficient way.

IMDS Advanced Tools

The IMDS-AI will allow you to integrate MDS communication with your suppliers and customers into your local processes and systems. The IMDS-AI enables your company to exchange data between your internal system and the IMDS system.
The IMDS-a2 simplifies data input into IMDS, increases productivity of your IMDS users and accelerates review of incoming datasheets
When we provide IMDS services to your organization, we can work with various advanced tools like IMDS AI (IMDS Advanced Interface) and IMDS A2. These tools are developed HPE and they help in processing large number of material and component data sheets.
We can offer an attractive pricing proposal with your interests in mind. Please contact us for more details.

Compliance Services

IMDS Experts Incprovides quality consulting services and software solutions to all-sized suppliers for IMDS, CAMDS, Chems Sherpa, REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals. IMDS Experts Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumos consultancy services pvt.ltd.
Our in-house software solutionspecializesin managing REACH, ROHS and Conflict mineral obligations for Electronic component manufacturers.

  • Chems Sherpa
  • REACH ROHS Turnkey services
  • Conflict minerals Turnkey Services
  • Conflict minerals Software Solution
  • REACH and ROHS Software Solution

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